Want to help me with my mission to bring more color into this world? Well you can! Besides on walls, spray paint can be used on a large variety of surfaces which makes it perfect to paint other objects like vehicles for example. If it's a car, campervan, boat or airplane, it's perfectly possible to create a 'mobile portal' on it. In this way you can spread the good vibes of my paintings all around the globe, bring more smiles on peoples faces and make the world a more colourful place.


It's not just a graffiti on your car. It's done as professional as possible which means that the surface is sanded first with a sanding machine, removing the first layer (which is varnish) so the paint has a better grip. When the surface is painted it will be finished with a varnish to protect the painting and and give it more durability. The UV protection of the varnish will make the colours last longer and at the same time give them some more depth.


If you would like more information about this please get in touch and I'll happily tell you more about it!