Besides the ‘transmissions’ which are always larger paintings, there are also what I like to call ‘activations’. These are smaller in size, varying from 30x30 cm to 60x60cm and carry a different energy. 


These activations are based on the 8 energy. In numerology, number 8 holds a distinct position among other numbers, traditionally, number 8 denotes the wheel of Samsara (birth and death) and its imminent suffering endured by result of samsara or existence. But the very same number also signifies enlightenment or nirvana. Wherever Samsara is there, nirvana is naturally present, aka existence will automatically finds its own enlightenment in its right time. This universal law is symbolized by the number 8. In an easy way you can say it represents the death of the ego and the birth of universal consciousness. 


These activations are designed as meditation tools. In India this meditation technique is called Dhyana Yoga and the tools are called Yantra’s, which are designed specifically for meditation purposes. 


These activations are created on request, so specifically designed and attuned for you and come with a guided meditation.