Hi, my name is Dennis (Sirius Arts), I'm a Dutch graffiti artist based on the beautiful island of Ibiza and my passion/mission is to share my mandala creations. 

I got in touch with graffiti when I was around 14 years old and ever since I've been fascinated with it. Growing up very close to the biggest legal graffiti wall of Netherlands, I've spend a lot of my spare time painting walls and practising the skills of graffiti. 

In 2010, after a life changing awakening experience I decided to leave everything behind and follow one of my dreams. Which was backpacking in Australia. What was supposed to be a one year sabbatical turned into a six year travel adventure which was a big spiritual journey that has led me to the most beautiful and magical places. One of them was an ashram in India where I've spent six months in total to learn from the monks about spirituality, the human mind and how we can free ourselves from.. Ehh ourselves haha.

This is where the seed of mandalas was planted and in 2016 this seed started to sprout and I drew my first mandala on an old canvas. After drawing them on canvas for a while I started to feel the urge to do big ones with spray paint. Not long after I developed my own 2 unique styles of drawing mandalas. Transmissions and Activations. Which both can be used for meditation and healing purposes. 



I like to call my paintings transmissions of sacred geometry because I see them as energetic transmissions or portals. The implemented geometry, patterns, numerology and colours give each piece it's own unique energy and vibration.  This is why I work without designs, I only design on the spot intuitively and by heart so that each piece is created in the moment, in surrender to the flow of creativity and with trust that what comes into existence is the perfect outcome. And it always is! 

With graffiti as my roots I use spray paint and some paint markers as a medium which both can be applied on a whole range of surfaces like walls, structured walls, canvas, cars, camper vans, furniture etcetera. Therefor my creations are boundless since it can be used to cover large surfaces as well as creating smaller sized mandalas. 

I always say each painting is a piece of my (he)art, it's a physical manifestation of my very essence, which is joy. The base ingredient of my work together with love and gratitude. I believe each one of us has a talent or passion which makes our heart shine and at the same time contributes in making the world a better place. With my art I hope to touch peoples hearts, leave a smile on their face, fill them with good vibes and to inspire them to also live their best life and enjoy each moment of it.


Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoy my (he)art